How to Tackle Long Days at School

Hi, friends! Part of being a student is enduring long days at school due to special events like monthly team meetings. Especially for a commuter student, these days can be long and tiring. Here are a few ways to make these days more bearable.
How to Tackle Long Days at School | Here are a few ways to make long days at school more enjoyable!

Get some rest the night before

If you know tomorrow is going to be a long day at school, get some rest the night before. When you are well rested, you’ll have more energy to tackle the day. When I know that I need to rest, I sometimes go as far as setting a “bedtime alarm” that tells me when I should be going to bed. It helps you keep track of the time and makes sure you go to sleep at a decent hour.

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Eat well and stay hydrated

Similarly, if you eat well, you will have the energy to tackle your long day at school. Also, it’s hard to focus when you’re hungry. This means you need to eat GOOD food, not just sugary treats. Make sure you have a good lunch full of protein, fruits, and vegetables (by either packing it or buying it at the food court) and a snack. It will help you keep your strength up. Be sure to carry around a water bottle, too. If you don’t eat well (read: if the only thing you’ve ingested in the last four hours is coffee), you will get sluggish and weak, and you won’t have the strength to make it through your long day.

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Bring a phone charger

It’s all too easy for your phone to die on you during a long day at school. To prevent this, you should bring a phone charger (or an extra battery pack). Ideally, you should buy a second phone charger to keep in your bag so you always have one on hand. It could save not only you, but even one of your friends one day. Needless to say, having a charged phone will definitely help you get through the long day.

“Break up” your long day at school

If you have a long break during your day, “breaking up” this long break will make the time go by faster. Don’t spend your entire break stuck in the library. You’ll get bored and tired quickly. Instead, you should take a few minutes to stretch your legs and take a break. This will help you clear your head and come back to your work with refreshed focus. At least personally, I find it easier to handle long days when I “break up” the day by stepping away from my library desk and walking around for a few minutes.

Spend time studying

It’s tempting to spend your entire break watching YouTube videos or on Twitter. I know I’m guilty of this. Still, this is not efficient. It’s okay to spend a few minutes of your break on social media, but don’t let it eat away your entire break. Try to use most of your break being productive. That way, you already have some studying done by the time you get home late at night.

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Spend some time with friends

Because we don’t live in the dorms, it’s hard to make friends on campus. Use your long day to hang out with some friends! You’ll feel much better and ready to take on the rest of day after having a nice conversation over coffee with a friend.

Get things done on campus

Sometimes, there are things you need to take care of on campus. For example, seeing an advisor, going to a professor’s office hours, visiting the math lab, resolving a problem at the financial aid office, etc. A long day is the perfect opportunity to get these things done. (I personally like to have a list of things I need to get done on campus, which include offices/people I need to visit, so that I can tackle it during a long day.)

We all have to deal with long days on campus. These days can be hard, especially for commuter students, but they don’t have to be dreadful. By getting some rest, eating well, bringing a phone charger, “breaking up” your day, using time to study, spending time with friends, and getting things done on campus, you can make the most out of the long day.

How do you handle long days on campus?


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  • Great tips! Last semester I had quite a few long days and doing some of these things were so helpful! Especially getting rest, but that doesn’t always happen haha

  • If I have any awkward gaps between classes, I always head to the student center to get some work done or take care of errands (turning in forms, office hours, etc.). I’m really bad about eating lunch while I’m on campus, so I’m going to try to change my habits next semester! Also, I’m pretty sure we go to the same school, based on the pictures in your other college posts 🙂

    • Hi, Alexa! Taking care of errands is a great thing to do when you have a break. You should definitely check out the dining options on campus. I love eating at the food court 🙂