Guide to Generating Awesome Blog Post Ideas

Hi, friends! A common problem among us bloggers, and writers in general, for that matter, is writer’s block. It’s devastating to have all this motivation to write but no ideas to put that motivation into action. It hurts me when I see fellow writers say that they have no ideas, because I know that they’re so full of creativity and potential.

Here are a few ways to get out of the writer's block rut and put your inner creativity to use!

Here are a few ways to get out of the writer’s block rut and put your inner creativity to use. Let’s think up some great blog post ideas!

Here are a few ways to get out of the writer's block rut and put your inner creativity to use! Click To Tweet

Strategy #1: Think about your reader.

If you blog, hopefully, you’re seeking to add something to your readers’ lives. A great way to come up with an amazing blog post idea is thinking about precisely how to do that. How can you help them? What skills can you teach them? How can you make their lives easier? For example, if you’re great with makeup, teach your readers a makeup trick that will save them time in the morning. Or, look at it from the opposite perspective: what problems does this group of people typically face? For example, if you’re writing to college students, they are often tired, pressed for time, and stressed; write a blog post to help them with that!

Action step:

  • Create a list of things you can teach or offer to your readers. The more unique, the better!


Strategy #2: Celebrate past successes.

What did your readers really respond well to in the past? Was there a particular post or two that was a total HIT? If so, what do you think it was that made people love it so much? (Besides the fact that it’s awesome, because we all know it is.) You can come up with a “part 2” to this post, or try to implement what people loved so much into another post.

Action step:

  • Look at your analytics and check out which posts were the most successful.
  • Think about what your readers loved about this post.
  • Try to implement that in another one of your posts.


Strategy #3: Experience life.

Often, writers’ best blog post ideas come from their personal experiences, or from an experience of someone close to them. People who have experienced a lot (of good and bad) tend to have more to dig from, this is why they generate more ideas. So use this as an excuse to go on an adventure and break out of your routine for a day or two. Talk to someone new, walk through a different area and observe the people, and things like that.

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Action step:

  • Do something out of the ordinary today.


Strategy #4: Look inside yourself.

As cliché as it sounds, write what’s in your heart. Do you have these brilliant blog post ideas, but have been putting them off because of fear that they might not be good enough or because of self doubt? Well, I’m telling you now: write it! Tell your inner critic to shut up. Even if you think it’s awful, and even if you don’t ever intend to publish it, keep writing. This practice will help you get better. These are actually the kinds of posts that write themselves, because they’ve been inside you for so long just itching to get out.

Action step:

  • Think about a post you’ve been itching to write, but haven’t got around to.
  • Sit down and write it!


Strategy #5: Don’t be afraid to share.

Don’t afraid to be personal. Being personal just shows readers that you’re human. It’s okay to tell a story about your daily life or to fangirl over your favorite band (because I’m guilty of doing those things too O_O). Of course, there’s a line that you shouldn’t cross, but generally, being personal is a great way for your readers to relate to you.

Action step:

  • As you write your next post, tell your side of the story.

Strategy #6: Read, watch, and listen.

Read books, the news, blog posts, magazines. Reading other blogs that you love can especially help. What do you like about these blogs? Without being a complete copycat, try to emulate them. You can respond to one of their posts. Even movies and TV shows can be great sources of inspiration for blog post ideas.

Action step:

  • Take a look at your favorite blogs. Try to pinpoint WHY these are your favorite blogs.
  • Imitate what you love about their blogs into your own blog. (Notice how I said “imitate”, not “steal their post”.)


Strategy #7: Freewrite.

Freewriting is a great way to get everything out of your head. It’s writing for a predetermined amount of time (usually 10 minutes) without stopping. You’ll be surprised at how much it helps stretch your creative muscles, especially if you do it routinely. Writing whatever came to my head has helped me generate quite a few good blog post ideas.

Action step:

  • Clear your desk except for a pencil and paper (or, your laptop).
  • Set the timer on your phone for 10 minutes.
  • Write whatever comes to your head until those 10 minutes are up.
  • Read your writing. A lot of it will be crap, but you might find some good ideas in there, too!


Strategy #8: Create a roundup post.

Who doesn’t love a good roundup? A roundup is basically a compilation of similar posts. These are especially good if you’re pressed for time, and featuring a blogger on your roundup is a great way to start a conversation with them.

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Action steps:

  • What posts have you been loving lately? Make them into a roundup!
  • Once the post has been published, tweet out your post and mention the other bloggers. Most likely, they’ll RT it!


Strategy #9: Be in season.

Think seasonally. What’s coming up? For example, if it’s August, you can write a back to school themed post. If it’s January, you can write a New Years or goal-setting themed post. Just be careful to not make your blog post ideas too cliche. You don’t want your post to be just one of the many, you want to be unique!

Action step:

  • What seasonal events are coming up? Could they correspond with any post ideas?
  • Re-publish a seasonal post from last year that your readers loved.


Bonus strategy: Once you finally do have great blog post ideas…

Now that you’ve got some fantastic blog post ideas, write them down! Even if you write a title, write a description that’s a sentence or two long so that you don’t forget your point. (It’s happened before that I had amazing blog post ideas, so I wrote down the titles, but not a description. I couldn’t get around to writing the ideas right away, so I was going to do it later. Once it was time to write the post, I had totally forgotten where I was going with the topic!)

For us writers and bloggers, thinking up a great blog post idea can be challenging, but not… Click To Tweet


For us writers and bloggers, thinking up a great blog post idea can be challenging, but not impossible. You have the creativity inside of you, so here is a quick summary of all the action steps to help you bring it out!

  • Create a list of things you can offer your readers.
  • Figure out which of your posts was the most popular and why your audience loved it so much.
  • Do something out of the ordinary.
  • Write that post you’ve been itching to write, but haven’t gotten around to.
  • The next time you write a blog post, try to add a relevant personal story to it.
  • Read other blogs and imitate what you love about them in your own  blog.
  • Freewrite
  • Create a roundup post.
  • Think about what seasonal events are coming up.


How do you generate blog post ideas?


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