How to Make Time for God Despite Your Busy Schedule

Hi, friends! It’s easy to let God fall to the bottom of your to do list in college. In high school, your parents would take you to church and youth group, and encourage you to live your faith. Now that you don’t have your parents on your back, you can get so caught up in reading, studying, or hanging out with friends that you simply forget about church and praying. Here are some tips to help you intentionally incorporate God in your everyday college life.
How to Make Time for God Despite Your Busy Schedule

Here are some tips to help you intentionally include God in your everyday life. Click To Tweet

Get up early to read the Bible and pray

Before you freak out, don’t worry: you don’t have to get up super early. Just pick a time block when you’re completely available, and set it aside to pray and read the Bible. In my case, I wake up early every day, since I know I don’t have anything else during that time and I won’t be disturbed. After I spend the first few minutes of my day praying, I feel energized and ready to tackle the day.

I’d also recommend setting aside the same time block every day because consistency will help you form the habit. The first week, it’ll be hard. But if you push through those tough first week, you’ll form the habit of getting up early to pray within a few weeks. It’s worth getting up a few minutes earlier to give the first moments of your day to God…

Go to church and get involved

Going to church is important because it will recharge you spiritually. Church will equip you with the right tools to face the harsh, ungodly world for a week. If you can, I’d recommend going even more than once a week (going to a youth service is another great opportunity to go to church.) Even if you have a small group of friends at school, it’s not a replacement for a pastor and fellow congregation members. It’s also a great excuse to get out of the school environment!

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You can even volunteer in a ministry at church. If you’re a gifted musician, why not join the worship team? If you’re good with people, why not serve in the usher ministry? Getting involved in church is a great way to get close to God and to others who love God.

Have a circle of Christian friends at school

There’s nothing better than having people at school who understand your faith and encourage you to live it. Although it’s not a replacement for church, this circle of friends can become a source of comfort and security. They might even become your closest friends! (In my case, although none of my Christian friends are studying Biology, they are still my closest friends.) A group of Christian friends will support you and encourage you to become a better Christian. Check out this post by Rebecca from Life as a Dare about why you should join a campus Christian fellowship group! You will be so encouraged when you hang out with people who share your faith.

Read (or listen to) the Bible while you wait

We all spend time throughout the day waiting, whether it is for a shuttle bus to arrive, for a class to start, waiting in line, etc. Why don’t you put this time to good use and read the Bible? Sometimes, while I’m in line for Subway, I pull out my phone and read my Bible app. If you prefer to listen to the Bible, you can do that, too!

Listen to Christian music or teachings.

Similarly, you can listen to Christian music or teachings throughout the day. I love listening to Christian radio on my long commute to school. It makes me feel more connected to God. You can find some good podcasts from Bethel and from Jesus Culture, too!

It's time to make God first among all your other responsibilities as a college student. Click To Tweet

As you can see, it takes commitment to make time for God in college. Now that you don’t have your parents nagging you to go to church or pray, you have to take the responsibility into your own hands. With a little bit of intentional planning and help from fellow Christians, you can make God first among all your other responsibilities as a college student.

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How do you make time for God despite your busy schedule?


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  • I definitely let time with God fall to the bottom of my list at times…. I was Bible journaling for a while, and it was great, and I really need to get back into it. I’m on a devotional email list, too, and I look forward to reading those. And I always pray throughout the day! But I still need to set aside more one-on-one time with the Lord. I probably won’t wake up earlier because I’m not at all a morning person, but I’ll at least make some time during the day 🙂

    Alexa |

    • Hey Alexa! I think we’ve all had times when we don’t give God the priority He deserves. That’s why I wake up a few minutes earlier to pray and read the Bible. You don’t have to get up earlier, just set aside a time that you can be undisturbed for a few minutes each day (or multiple times a week) and spend that time with God. Praying throughout the day is great, too! Bible journaling sounds so interesting. I’m going to have to try it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  • Annie Says

    Nice post! It’s amazing how eager you are about your religion, so you don’t let it get neglected.

    • Hey Annie! Thank you for stopping by. Yes, my religion is very important to me, so I like to make it a priority 🙂