How to Balance Blogging and School

Hey everyone! Recently, I had a Twitter conversation with fellow bloggers. We were talking about how to balance blogging and school. I’m sure many of us have had the same problem at some point, so I decided to dedicate an entire post on the topic. As college students, we have enough on our plates, so trying to juggle another hobby, like blogging, can be a challenge. Still, it’s possible to be an A+ student and an active blogger. Here are some tips on how to balance college and blogging!

Are you struggling to balance blogging and school? This post will help you be an A+ student and an active blogger at the same time!

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Set aside a designated time for blogging.

Setting aside time to blog will make sure you actually have time for your blog. When you don’t intentionally set aside a time block for blogging, it’s easy to let it slip through the cracks when you have so many other commitments to attend to. If you set aside the same time block every week, it’ll help you stay consistent, because you know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing at that time. Intentionally planning to blog will encourage you to actually do it…

Write a lot during off periods.

Classes will start soon, so take advantage of the remaining free time you have by writing blog posts. Winter break, summer, or even a weekend during the semester when you’re not drowning in work, is a great time to write and crank out lots of posts. Off periods are a great time to fill up your drafts with posts to publish in the future. During off periods you can also do other things that will benefit your blog, like editing photos and creating graphics. Use your off periods to do stuff for your blog!

Use an editorial calendar to keep track of your posts.

With so much in your mind because of school, it can be hard to keep track of your blog posts. An editorial calendar can help you remember what posts you want to publish which days. It’ll also help you make sure those posts are ready by the time you plan to publish them. (I am considering writing a post about my editorial calendar. Would you be interested in that?)

Schedule posts in advance.

You know those posts you wrote during the break that you still have sitting in your drafts? A busy week when you don’t have time to write is a perfect time to publish these posts. Set the post to go live at a certain date/time, and you’re good to go! Scheduling posts helps you stay active on your blog even though you’re busy.

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Schedule your social media posts in advance, too.

Similarly, if you’re busy, you won’t have time to be on social media. Use a scheduler like Buffer or CoSchedule to send out tweets or posts throughout the day so that you can maintain an active presence on social media.

If necessary, publish fewer posts per week.

If you can’t find a happy medium when you balance blogging and school, maybe you should publish fewer times every week. If you are concerned about losing readers, keep in mind that it’s not the number of posts you publish per week that matters. Consistency is what matters. Even if you publish less, as long as you publish on the same days every week, you should be fine. Consistency and quality are key here.

Batch tasks.

When you do get the chance to work on your blog, batching tasks will help you save time. ‘Batching tasks’ is a time management strategy that involves grouping similar tasks together and doing them all in a short time frame. For example, in one sitting, rather than doing different tasks like writing a post and then editing an image, it’s more time effective to do similar tasks, like editing multiple images. Batching tasks can help you get more done in less time by doing a bunch of similar tasks in one sitting.

Take advantage of your short breaks.

If you have a short break, like when you’re waiting for the bus, in the doctor’s office waiting room, or if you arrive to class early, you can take advantage and do quick things like replying to comments or scrolling through social media. The idea is to not let those breaks go to waste!

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Know when to take a break.

When we have to balance blogging and school, we all have those tough weeks where school just takes over. Sometimes, blogging has to take the back seat to schoolwork. It’s totally okay to take a break, just make sure to get back into the habit once the tough week is over. It’s too easy to let a break turn into a permanent hiatus.

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Although it’s difficult to balance blogging and school, it can be done. If you’re organized and use certain tools to help you, you can find time to both study and blog.

Do you have any tips on how to balance blogging and school? If you’ve published any posts on the topic, feel free to share them in the comments!


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