Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog

Hi, friends! We work hard on our blogs because we want them to be the best they can be. However, sometimes, there are some little changes here and there we can make that could improve our blogs. I’ve visited many blogs over the years and there are a few particular things I repeatedly see that could be improved. Here are some ways you can improve your blog.
Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog| Want to improve your blog? Here are some quick tips to make your blog more reader friendly.
Here are some easy things you can do to improve your blog and make it more reader friendly! Click To Tweet

To improve your blog, make your text bigger

One of my biggest pet peeves in the blogosphere is when people use a microscopically small font size. Small fonts are hard on the eyes. When I see a post written in a small font, it makes me not want to read the post. That’s why I use a size 18pt font for my posts and an even larger size for my headings.

How to fix it?

This link will teach you how to change your font size on WordPress within a post and within the style sheet.

Add social media sharing icons

Another thing that bothers me is when I love a post, but there are no social media sharing icons anywhere, so I can’t share it. Other times, the icons are so hard to find that people don’t use them. Chances are, there are others who want to share your content but they don’t because your social sharing icons are nonexistent or not easily visible. You are selling yourself short when you don’t have sharing icons.

How to fix it?

Use a plugin that will add social media sharing icons to your post. Personally, I use the plugin SumoMe because it shows the icons when your mouse hovers over an image (great for those who want to “pin” the post to Pinterest!).

Add social media links

Similarly, I hate it when I want to follow a blogger, but I can’t find their social media links! Just as in my last point, don’t just have links present. Make them PLAIN and EASY TO FIND.

How to fix it?

Don’t be shy about your links. Put them EVERYWHERE on your site. Here are some places you can put them:

  • Sidebar (use a social media links widget!)
  • Footer
  • End of a blog post (use a plugin like WP Post Signature to add a signature, and then add your links to your signature)
  • End of static pages
  • Email signature (here’s how to add a signature in Gmail)
  • Your social media accounts (for example, link your Pinterest account to your Twitter and Facebook, and vice versa)
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Have a good about page

The “About” page is the first one I click on when I discover a new blog because I want to learn more about the blogger and the blog. It’s disappointing when I click on their “About” page only to see it barely has any info. I don’t want to see just a few lines of text. I want to get to know you! What’s your name? What’s your story? What do you like? What’s your blog about? Why do you blog? Who is your intended audience? Without this, you lose a chance for your readers to get to know you.

How to fix it?

It’s time to revamp your about page!

  • First, think about yourself. (That shouldn’t be too hard!) Write a paragraph about who you are, what you do, and what you like.
  • Then, think about the audience you’re trying to reach. What do they do? How old are they? Are they male or female? Write a paragraph explaining how your blog posts will be beneficial to them. This paragraph will convince readers to stick around. Remember: readers are selfish. They want to get something out of your blog!
  • Think about your blog. Why did you start it? What’s the meaning behind the name? What do you hope to achieve with it?
  • Finally, include your social media links and links to your most popular posts.

If you need more help on what to put on your “About” page, you can find some great information here and here.

Have a contact page

A contact page is important for many reasons. This is the page brands look for when they want to contact a blogger about an opportunity. It’s the page readers go to when they want to reach you. Without a contact page, you’re eliminating a channel of communication between yourself and brands/readers.

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How to fix it?

Create a new page and include a contact form. WordPress has a very handy “Add Contact Form” option but other websites like JotForm can create a form that’s just as effective. You can add a form on WordPress by clicking the “Add Contact Form” button or the “@” button on the formatting toolbar. I love this because it emails me when someone fills out the contact form, and I can respond to the person directly by hitting “reply”.

Add a “popular posts” or “archives” section

If someone loves one of your posts, it’s likely they will want to read more. Make it easy for them to find more! This way, they can keep reading your posts and falling in love with your blog. Before you know it, you will have created a loyal reader.

How to fix it?

Include links to other posts throughout your website.

  • Have a “popular posts” or an “archives” widget on your sidebar or footer
  • Link to “related posts” at the bottom of your post
  • Use a “related posts” plugin to put links to similar posts throughout your post.
  • Have a categories section in your navigation. This makes it easy for a reader to find all your posts on a certain subject.
  • If you have two posts that are similar, link them to each other!


If you want to improve your blog, you can do a few simple things.

  • Bigger text
  • Add social media sharing icons
  • Improve your About page
  • Add a Contact page
  • Add a “popular posts” section

When you do these things, your blog will be more user friendly, and will encourage readers to come back!


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  • Excuse me while I implement EVERYTHING you talked about here. And thanks for recommending SumoMe! I’ve been looking for a good plug in that will have the Pin to Pintrest feature, so I’ll definitely check it out!

    • Hey Joanne! I’m so glad you found this post useful. Definitely check out SumoMe, they have many other features besides the pin to Pinterest that you’ll love 🙂