Plugins that’ll Improve Your Blog

Hi, friends! I’ve seen many of you talking on Twitter and Facebook about useful plugins, so I put together a list of plugins to help you improve your self hosted site. I personally use these plugins often and love them. Here are some plugins to improve your blog.

Plugins That'll Improve Your Blog | Here are some great plugins that'll improve your blog!

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Have you ever had trouble commenting on a blog that uses a different platform than yours? I’m a WordPress user, and sometimes it’s difficult to comment on Blogger blogs. Plugins like Disqus or Commentluv that work across multiple platforms solve this problem. So even if someone is using a different platform, as long as they have Disqus, it’s easy for anyone to comment. It’s also organized and aesthetically pleasing.


Plugins can help you grow your email list. For example, I use a plugin to create a popup and a little header bar that’ll ask you to subscribe to my email list. Ever since I started using this plugin, subscriptions to my email list skyrocketed. I tried to use other mailing list plugins, but they didn’t integrate with Mailchimp. Thankfully, MailMunch does!

Revive Old Post

When you’ve been blogging for a long time, some of your old posts start to sink into oblivion. Don’t let your old posts that you worked so hard on to be forgotten. The Revive Old Post plugin periodically tweets out the link to one of your old posts. This is a great way to drive traffic to your old posts and make sure people are still enjoying them.


You see those cute little “Click to Tweet” boxes I have on almost all my posts? I used a plugin called ClickToTweet to create them. This plugin lets you create a box that’ll invite your readers to tweet out a message pre-written by you. This will make it easier for others to promote your posts!

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Social Media Buttons

I mentioned in my post Ways to Improve Your Blog that it frustrates me when I love someone’s post and want to pin it, but there are no social media sharing buttons. Readers are often too lazy to log in to Pinterest and copy/paste your URL there to pin your post. They want to be able to pin something with one click. That’s what a social media buttons app is for. I use a plugin SumoMe to have social media sharing buttons appear when someone hovers their mouse over my featured images. This way, you can easily pin my post if you like it.

Yoast SEO

I’m sure you’ve heard of this plugin before because it’s so useful! If you’re trying to get your blog to rank higher on search engines, this plugin is for you. It gives you a checklist of many things you can do to help your site rank higher. For example, it’ll remind you to add an image or to make sure your focus keyword appears enough times throughout your post). It also gives you a checklist of things you can do to make your posts more readable.

Inline Related Posts

Have you noticed throughout my posts you’ll see a link to another one of my posts that’s related to the one you’re reading? That’s because of this handy plugin! This plugin will automatically sprinkle links to posts of the same category throughout your post. Before I was on self-hosted, I would do it manually, but with this plugin, it’s so much easier. It’s a great way to keep people clicking around on your blog.

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Those plugins have been very useful to me. They’ve helped my blog grow over these past few months. I hope you find them as useful and helpful as I do.

What plugins help you improve your blog?


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  • I love Disqus for comments! It’s also super handy because you can set it up so guests can comment as well which means they don’t even have to make an account! I’m going to have to check out the Revive Old Posts plugin because I am so bad at tweeting out my old posts.

    • Hey Abigail, I love Disqus, too. It’s so convenient. So is the Revive Old Posts plugin. I am terrible at tweeting out my old posts, too, but this plugin solved that problem. You should definitely download it, it’ll help you a lot!

  • Birdie

    This is great! I’m still just starting out and always looking for new ways to add to my blog and create conversation! I’ll definitely be adding these plugins!

  • This is so helpful! I will make sure to look at installing these. Thanks 🙂