How to be a Creator, not a Consumer

Hi friends, I recently read a post by Sam from Smart Twenties about the difference between being a consumer and a creator. Sam raised a great point that caused me to think about my own feelings on this issue. With access to so much material, it’s easy to be a consumer. You have as much consumption material as you want. Being a creator, though, is a different story. Creating requires time and effort. Specifically, for bloggers, there are so many posts out there on how to run a successful blog. You can read them all, but if you don’t take the step to become a creator rather than a consumer, then those posts won’t help you.

Note: In this post, I focus on blogging as a creative project, but these principles can apply to any creative project (ex: writing, graphic design, music, videos…)

How to Be a Creator, not a Consumer| In today's media heavy world, it's easy to just be a consumer. But do you want to be more than that? Here are some tips to help you stop being just a consumer and start being a creator.

Limit your consumption

Consuming from other sources is a good way to get ideas for your own projects and to help you improve your ideas. Consuming information from blogs or from other educational sources can help you improve your craft. For example, reading articles about how to run a successful blog will help you improve your blog…

But if you’re not careful, you can fall into the trap of getting so caught up in consuming that you forget to create. You can spend so much time learning how to be a great creator, but that knowledge won’t help you unless you put it into practice and actually start creating. You can spend all the time you want reading about improving your blog, but if you don’t actually sit down and write posts, what you’ve learned won’t help you. Consumption itself isn’t bad, you just have to remember why you’re really there.

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In order to limit your consumption, keep track of how much time you spend consuming. How many posts are you reading? How many videos are you watching? How much time are you spending on social media in general? Then, set a goal to limit that consumption to only a few posts or videos per day.

Develop an exciting creative plan

Nothing inspires me to be creative like an exciting plan. If you can come up with an exciting new idea for your blog, you’ll be much more inclined to create rather than consume. So if you want to start creating, try to come up with an exciting new post idea to motivate you to start writing again. If you’re running dry on ideas, check out my post on generating post ideas. Once you’ve got an idea you’re excited about, put down your phone, close your social media tabs, and get working on it!

Stop judging yourself so harshly

We truly are our own worst critics. Self criticism stops a lot of creators from creating great content. Stop thinking, “this will never work,” or “people won’t like this.” Instead, be yourself. Once you’re free from self doubt and fear of judgment, your creative juices will flow much better. You’ll feel less restricted, and thus, more able to come up with creative ideas.

Just get started!

Creativity is so special because it’s a renewable resource. Creative ideas often breed more creative ideas. The key is to get the ball rolling. Once you do, you will establish a momentum that will allow more ideas to come. As you create, more ideas will pop into your head. So even if your first creative project isn’t the best, keep at it.

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All you have to do to be a creator is create

The wonderful thing about creating is the only thing you have to do to be a creator is to create something! The instant you publish a blog post, you’re a blogger. As soon as you start writing, you’re a writer. So don’t be afraid to finally take the step and become a creator.

In a world where we have access to so much media at our fingertips, it’s easy to be a consumer. It’s easy to spend hours reading blog posts or watching videos. But if you want to be a creator and write your own posts or make your own videos, you will have to do more than just consume. Creating requires work. As soon as you overcome the fear that comes with creating and you start, you are officially a creator!

How do you make the transition from consumer to creator?


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  • Love your blogging posts! Yes, sometimes fear can be the main obstacle that prevents us from creating, and all we have to do is to take that first step! 🙂
    – Sabrina |

  • Love this post, Aly! I somehow missed this one, but I’m so glad I stumbled across it today. I’m deep in the “creation” side of things right now and really needed to read this.