How I’m Preparing for Graduate School Interviews

Hi, friends! I mentioned in a previous post that I have been invited for interview weekends at a couple of the graduate schools I applied to! I am so excited! Graduate school interviews usually span an entire weekend, because they include the interview itself, information sessions about the program, a formal dinner with faculty members and current graduate students, and a campus tour. It’s not only an interview for the admissions committee to learn more about their applicants, but a recruitment tool to convince students to accept their admission offer. Interviews are a critical part of the graduate school application process, so I spent this past weekend preparing for my graduate school interviews. Here’s what I did:

How I'm Preparing for Graduate School Interviews

Buying the right clothes

As a Florida girl, I don’t have much experience with winter weather, but that’s about to change during my graduate school interviews. I will be interviewing at a couple of universities up north in February, when it’s surprisingly still pretty cold by Florida standards (around 30-40 degrees F). I don’t have the appropriate clothes for this weather, so I need to find clothes not only for the interview, but to help me deal with the cold, too. My choice of clothing is important because I need to look clean and professional (appearance is important for this kind of thing!) for the interview while also keeping warm.

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