Free Digital Resources for Students

WolframAlpha: This website is a super intelligent search engine. It’s a great resource for everything from solving complicated math problems to learning about sports.

Tomato Timer: This is an automatic Pomodoro Timer that’ll time for 25 minutes (as you work), and then time you for 5 more minutes (as you take a break).

Chegg: This is a website that offers great deals on rental textbooks. I highly recommend!

StayFocusd (for Google Chrome)/Self Control: These apps block social media website for a predetermined amount of time to allow you to stay focused on your work.

Evernote: a great place to keep all of your notes in order.

Dropbox: a place to upload documents and pictures.

EasyBib: a website that generates an MLA citation. Unfortunately, you have to pay for the APA.

APA Citation Generator:  Fortunately, this website will do the same thing, but for APA, and for free!

Quizlet: this is a website where students post flashcards and practice tests. It’s a great way to test yourself.

Free Lessons: These websites offer free video lessons on a variety of subjects. They’re a great way to augment what you learn in class.

Khan Academy


MIT OpenCourseware