7 Things I’ve Learned from My College Internship

Now that I’ve been working in the lab for about a year, I’m excited to share this post about the things I’ve learned since then. This is my first college internship/professional experience in the field. Overall, it’s been a great opportunity that I’m very thankful for.

Things I Learned from my College Internship

I started working in the lab in the summer of last year through my school’s summer research college internship program. The program had us work full time for 10 weeks. Once a week, we would have professional development seminars, which I enjoyed. At the end of the 10 weeks, we had to present a poster on the research we had done. Thankfully my presentation went well! Especially considering that I went to sleep super late the night before because I was watching the Vamps in concert. I started off completely confused and not sure about what we were doing.

Now that I’ve been in a lab for a while and I’ve taken cell biology and genetics classes, I understand what we’re doing. Now, I even have my own little portion of the project that I’m very excited about. I’ve gotten to know the people in the lab better. I plan to continue working in this lab, in my little part of the experiment, until I graduate because I am happy there.

Without further ado, here are some things I’ve learned so far during my college internship. Hopefully, you can apply these to your professional life, too.

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You don’t have to be bffs with your co-workers

When I first joined the lab, I thought I was going to become close friends with my co-workers, since we would be spending a lot of time together. I quickly realized that I was wrong. The girl who happened to be working on the same project as me had a totally different outlook on life than I do. She was a nice person and we had a good professional relationship. For example, while we were waiting for a sample to cool, we would talk about our pets. We went to Starbucks together once during a break. We would say hi if we saw each other outside of the lab. But our relationship never went further than that. I realized that that’s normal and okay…

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How to Choose Your College Classes

Hey everyone! The fall semester is almost here, meaning that it’s time to pick classes! Choosing classes, especially as a freshman, can be challenging. The pressure is on to have a great schedule. Still, choosing classes doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Here are some tips to make the process easier:
Registration is coming up soon. Here are some tips on how to choose your college classes!

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Visit an adviser.

The advising office is the best place to go to start choosing classes. Your adviser will guide you and be an important resource throughout your college career. It’s their job to make sure you’re on the right track to reaching your goal: GRADUATION! They’ll show you which classes to take and when, which will make things clearer and much less intimidating. You’ll feel much less anxious about your schedule after you meet with an adviser…

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Bullet Journals Vs. Planners: Which One Should You Use?

Hi, friends! It’s no secret that planning is an important part of being a college student. Planning helps us keep track of assignments/tests, appointments, and other commitments. Two of the most popular types of planners are bullet journals and traditional planners (such as Lilly Pulitzer or Vera Bradley). At some point in my life, I was torn between the two, so I did some research. I found that they both have their advantages, but depending on the person, one might be a better option than the other. In this post, I’ll help you decide which one works best for you: a bullet journal or a traditional planner.

Which planning system should you use: a bullet journal or a planner? If you're not sure, this post will help you decide!

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A bullet journal is for you if:

You’re artistic

Bullet journals are perfect for those who love to doodle in their notebooks. There’s plenty of space for you to add your own artistic touch…

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How to Prepare for a Successful First Day of Class (+ A Free Printable Checklist!)

Hi, friends! It’s almost time for the fall 2016 semester to start. The best way to ensure you have a successful first day of class (and a successful semester) is to prepare accordingly. In this post, I give you a chronological guide to help you prepare for a wonderful few months.

How to Prepare for a Successful First Day of School Class | It's almost time to go back to school! Here's how to prepare to have a successful first day of class.

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Start Preparing Now For Your First Day of Class

Now is the time to start making way for all the papers you’ll acquire throughout the upcoming semester. To do that, you should tidy up your workspace. Clearing out your desk and wiping it down would be a great place to start. It would also be a good idea to go through your bookshelves and drawers and reorganize them. Throw away, donate, or sell things you no longer need…

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Life is Too Short

Hi, friends. I know a lot of you like my blog because I try to post positive things and spread happiness. This post is different than my usual posts; it’s long and a bit of a roller coaster, because that is what my life has been these past few weeks.


My cousin and I went to see Before You Exit in concert a few weeks ago. They are a three piece, guitar based band of brothers (think: Jonas Brothers). We decided to splurge on the VIP package, and it was worth it. We got to meet the guys and attend a small Q&A/acoustic performance session. I was starstruck when Riley, my favorite member of BYE, answered my question. During the meet and greet, they asked us how we were doing, said they were happy to see us, and gave us tight hugs. It was quick, but I’ll never forget it.

Back in April, they announced that Christina Grimmie would be opening for them. I had heard about her before, but I hadn’t bothered to check out her music (I don’t know why, I was missing out). But I decided to listen to her music and watch a couple of her videos to get to know her. Like anyone who has ever watched a Christina Grimmie video, I instantly loved her. She was genuine, goofy, and relatable. She spoke about the nerdy things she loved, like video games, without regard for what others would think. She also spoke openly about her faith in God, which was refreshing. Her voice blew me away. I sing in my church’s choir, but when I heard Christina, I felt ashamed to ever open my mouth again because she was that good.

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Bearup Photography

The concert itself was a lot of fun. We were standing at the barricade in front of Christina’s piano, so I’m positive she saw us jumping and screaming. When the show ended, there was atmosphere of such celebration, joy, and love. I recognized BYE’s friends and family members who were in the audience. I saw Christina, too. I wanted to say hi to her and tell her about how much she inspires me to be a better musician, a better person, and a better follower of Jesus. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance, and now I regret it…

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Guide to Generating Awesome Blog Post Ideas

Hi, friends! A common problem among us bloggers, and writers in general, for that matter, is writer’s block. It’s devastating to have all this motivation to write but no ideas to put that motivation into action. It hurts me when I see fellow writers say that they have no ideas, because I know that they’re so full of creativity and potential.

Here are a few ways to get out of the writer's block rut and put your inner creativity to use!

Here are a few ways to get out of the writer’s block rut and put your inner creativity to use. Let’s think up some great blog post ideas!

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How to Tackle Long Days at School

Hi, friends! Part of being a student is enduring long days at school due to special events like monthly team meetings. Especially for a commuter student, these days can be long and tiring. Here are a few ways to make these days more bearable.
How to Tackle Long Days at School | Here are a few ways to make long days at school more enjoyable!

Get some rest the night before

If you know tomorrow is going to be a long day at school, get some rest the night before. When you are well rested, you’ll have more energy to tackle the day. When I know that I need to rest, I sometimes go as far as setting a “bedtime alarm” that tells me when I should be going to bed. It helps you keep track of the time and makes sure you go to sleep at a decent hour.

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Important Documents Every Student Should Have Handy (+ A Printable Checklist!)

Hi, friends! There are certain documents ever college student should have handy. Even if you don’t need them now, you’ll certainly need them in the future, so it’s a good idea to prepare them and have them with you. Here are some of those all-important documents you should always have with you.

Important Documents Every Student Should Have | Having these documents handy will make your life as a college student easier!



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Major Requirements and Degree Audit

These two documents is essential to planning your academic career. The “Major Requirements” sheet tells you what classes you need to take in order to earn a degree in your field of study. This helps you make sure you know exactly what classes you need to take. If you want to be fancy and think ahead, you can think about which required classes you will take each semester. It may even list other requirements for graduation (such as, a certain GPA). Just as important is the “Degree Audit” sheet. This sheet tells you what classes you have already taken and whether you are on track for graduation. You can get both of these the next time you visit your advisor. If you can’t get a degree audit, an unofficial transcript will do the job just as well, which you can usually download online…

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The Art of Prioritizing

Many intelligent students don’t do well in college, not because they’re not smart, but because they don’t know how to prioritize. In college, time management/prioritizing is half the battle. Most students who struggle with prioritizing fall under one of two extremes: they either over commit themselves because they think it will help them in the future, or they spend too much time doing things that won’t profit them in the future. Prioritizing is the art of finding balance between over-committing yourself and being lazy. Here are some ways to make sure you manage your time correctly.

The Art of Prioritizing | Prioritizing is half the battle in college. Here are some tips to help you prioritize your life!

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Know Your Limits

The problem many people have with prioritizing is that they spread themselves too thin. They commit themselves to too many things, and as a result, they can’t give their best to any of these commitments. The best way to avoid this is to know your limits and don’t cross them. If you feel like you’ve already crossed your limits, check out the next point…

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Clever Study Techniques for Your Foreign Language Class

Hi, friends! I was going to end my Clever Study Techniques, but Madison suggested that I include one last about studying for a foreign language class. So here it is! Thank you for the suggestion, Madison! I hope you all have enjoyed this mini series and that it’s helped you in some way.

Clever Study Techniques for Your Foreign Language Class | Learning a foreign language can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you succeed in your language class!

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Now, here are some clever study techniques to help you ace your foreign language class!

Speak up during class discussions!

People don’t want to speak up during class discussions because they’re afraid they’ll make a mistake. The truth is that class discussions are the best places to make mistakes. The professor is right in front of you, so he/she can correct you right away and help you build good habits before you form bad ones. Also, it’s much less costly to make mistakes during a class discussion than on an exam. So don’t be afraid to speak up when it’s discussion time!…

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